High accuracies of up to 0.05%
Single- and three-phase applications
Wide measuring range

METES – Meter testing

Meter test systems with high accuracies of up to 0.05% and a wide measuring range for precise measurements in single- and three-phase applications. The meter test systems of the METES series are used to test the accuracy of Ferraris meters and electronic electricity meters under any operating conditions. The impact of system perturbations such as harmonics or flicker on the meter can be taken into consideration during tests.


Three Phase Measurement Test System A field instrument specifically designed to cover all aspects of metering installation, commissioning and maintenance activities. Including the calibration of single and three phase energy meters, and meter installation audits. The device features powerful on-board data storage. It uses easy menu driven function / option selection. It also implements the KoCoS SmartProbe technology. Energy Meter Calibration The unit is capable of calibrating the energy and maximum demand (kVA & kW) functions of energy meters, including:
  • Reactive energy calibration of True Varmetric or Cross Connected energy meters
  • Demand calibration of Vectorial or Arithmetic calculating demand meters
Instantaneous Measurements The unit measures the following instantaneous quantities:
  • Voltages and Currents, including individual phase angles
  • Watt, var, VA and power factor for each phase and three phase Frequency
Phasor diagram
  1. Phasor diagram of three phase voltage and current signals.
Power diagram
  • Displays the four quadrant diagram of P, Q & S
  • Bar display of voltage and current harmonics up to the 32nd
  • Total harmonic distortion of voltage and current per phase
  • Scope display of voltage and current signals per phase
Transformer testing The following voltage and current transformer tests are available with the optional Smart Probes:
  • Wireless HV current tranformer ratio
  • LV Current transformer ratio
  • Current transformer burden
  • Voltage transformer burden
  • Voltage transformer volt-drop
On-board Database
  • Saving of Results All test results are stored in a database function on-board the Metes 325 for easy access at a later stage for downloading or printing.
  • On-board Search Function The field staff have easy access through search funtions on the Metes 325 to scan saved sites and saved results of calibrations performed.


Accuracy: 0.05%

Voltage Range (direct connect): Standard: 65, 110, 230, 300 V ac Other ranges on request

Current Range (direct connect): Standard: 0.02, 0.1, 1, 2, 5, 10 A ac Other ranges on request.

Frequency range (fundamental): 45 – 65 Hz

Auxiliary supply: 18 – 24 V dc

Display: 480×800 7‘‘ TFT touchscreen

Housing: Robust ABS case


The METES 325 implements the KoCoS SmartProbe technology in a wide range of external sensors. These sensors are ratio and phase error compensated over their entire measurement range.

  • SP 10D Range: 0.1, 1 and 10 A
    Miniature clip-on current sensors with ratio and phase correction curves – earmarked for secondary CT work
    Maximum conductor diameter of 8mm
    Accuracy: 0.2%
  • SP 100D Range: 1, 10 and 100 A
    Clip-on current sensors with ratio and phase correction curves
    Maximum conductor diameter of 15mm
    Accuracy: 0.2%
  • SP 1000FLD Range: 100, 300 and 1000 A
    Flexible Rogowski current sensors with ratio and phase correction curves
    Maximum conductor diameter of 150mm
    Accuracy: 0.5%
  • SP 2000FLD Range: 200, 600 and 2000 A
    Flexible Rogowski current sensors with ratio and phase correction curves
    Maximum conductor diameter of 150mm
    Accuracy: 0.5%
  • SP 3000FLD Range: 300, 1000 and 3000 A
    Flexible Rogowski current sensors with ratio and phase correction curves
    Maximum conductor diameter of 150mm
    Accuracy: 0.5%


Three Phase Energy Meter Calibration Verifier
Portable, three-phase energy meter calibration verifier. This unit is primarily intended for the verification of electronic and Ferraris energy meters, specifically aimed at the growing pre-payment energy meter industry in developing and first-world countries.

Energy Meter Verification
Full functionality for energy meter verification of calibration errors with direct percentage error read-out.


The unit measures and displays the system Voltage, Current, Angle and Power quantities. (W, var & VA) Per phase and total quantities.

Measurement Mode
The unit comes complete with three current clamp- on sensors for easy integration into the power network. The current clamp-on sensors have larger than usual installation maximum conductor diameter capability of 15 mm.

User interface
Easy menu driven interface for the entry of test parameters and display of test results using touch display.

This unit allows you to save all readings and test results in an on-board database for later downloading to the supplied PC software for report printing and archiving. Customer, Site and test results information is stored.

Printer (Optional)
This unit has an optional Bluetooth wireless printer for onsite printing of the test result. The printer is battery powered using rechargeable on-board batteries.



  • Voltage Range 3 x Phase 85..250V
  • Current Range
  • 3 x 1Arms
  • 3 x 10Arms
  • 3 x100Arms
  • Current range selection Auto & Manual
  • Voltage Accuracy 0.1%
  • Current Accuracy 0.1%
  • Power Accuracy 0.2% (typical 0,1%)
  • Fundamental Frequency 50 and 60Hz

Measurement Options
Current ranges of 200A, 500A and 1000A are available.


  • Auxiliary supply: 85..265V, 45..65Hz (Internally selected to measured voltage)
  • Operating Temperature: 0..50 °C.
  • Display: 3.5 inch colour, touch display..
  • Housing: Robust poly carbonate
  • Waterproofs housing accommodates all sensors, wiring, optical eye, etc in same case!!
  • Totally waterproof – IP67
  • Dimensions (WxLxD): 315x255x150 mm.
  • Weight: 2.1 kg.

ME 131

Online Energy Analyser and Logger
The ME131 – Online Energy Analyser and Logger is more than just your average three phase energy logger. It offers online real-time and historical data via a Smartphone App and a Professional PC Dashboard. Easily connect and monitor up to 9 x three phase feeders or 28 x single phase feeders / circuits via Wi-Fi or GPRS communiucation. It´s only 97mm high!


  • Logs to CLOUD service via GPRS or Wi-Fi network,
    including live values
  • Life time FREE cloud data hosting and viewing
  • Unique identification of each logged site info
  • Fast installation and App configuration
  • Compact and rugged case
  • 28 x current inputs can be connected over 100 m on
    RS485 comms bus (Plug & Play)
  • Mix between single and/or three phase circuits
  • Easy customizable dashboard to suite your needs
  • Push notifications via App


  • The following parameters are logged:
  • Three phase voltages
  • Three phase currents
  • Power Factor
  • All measurements per phase and total
  • Instantaneous W, var , VA
  • Energy kWh, kvarh, kVAh


  • Mobile App and Professional Dashboard



  • Voltage and Current – 1%
  • Power and Energy – 2%
  • (Typical accuracy within 1%)


  • Robust ABS – L231 x W173 x H97 mm


  • Voltage inputs: 4 mm Banana sockets
  • Current bus: Via Redel socket

Power Supply

  • Internally connected to Phase A voltage circuit
  • Input voltage range: 85 V…265 VAC

Temperature Range

  • -10 to +50 Degrees Celsius

Network Connections

  • GPRS – 4G
  • Wi-Fi (2.4 GHz)

Available Current Sensors

  • 50A – Split Core CT
  • 100A – Split Core CT
  • 200A – Split Core CT
  • 400A – Split Core CT
  • 1600A – Rogowski Coil (Flexible CT)
  • 4000A – Rogowski Coil (Flexible CT)


  • 1 x Voltage Loom
  • 4 x Voltage Jaw Clip
  • 1 x CT Hub
  • 1 x CT Hub Cable
  • 1 x Antenna
  • 1 x Carry Bag

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