Solar power plant

As Ostech Energy, we ensure that your system is ideally designed, that the permit application and approval processes are managed, that it is carried out within the work schedule commitments, and that the facility is delivered and commissioned on time. We offer Engineering, Project Planning, Construction and Installation services.

OStech Energy

Green Energy is now on your roof!

You can say goodbye to the electricity bill with a one-time investment on your roof.

With the solar energy system that can be applied to the roof of your factory, workplace or residence;

You can earn a profit by selling your excess electricity to the distribution company,

You will help reduce your carbon footprint and reduce environmental pollution.

Factory, Private Hospital, School, Farm and Housing Roofs etc. You can reduce your energy costs to a minimum and increase your profitability by establishing a Solar Power Plant in every area where your roof is suitable.

No more high electricity bills with rooftop solar energy systems!
You can save money by investing in solar energy.


Industrial Rooftop Solar Power Plants

Residential Type Solar Power Plants

Land Type Solar Power Plants

  • Distribution organization applications
  • Preparation of electrical projects
  • Preparation of static projects
  • Connection agreements
  • Temporary admission
  • System Usage agreement
  • Land determination suitable for solar power plant installation
  • Analysis of the investor’s existing land or roof
  • Analysis of electricity consumption and electricity bills
  • Preparation of draft projects
  • Approximate cost determination
  • Feasibility analysis
  • Field inspection
  • System design
  • Shading Analysis
  • Simulation Studies
  • Engineering Calculations
  • Land or Roof Installation Services suitable for the project
  • Test and Commissioning Services
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